MRTV celebrates its 74th founding anniversary


Myanmar Radio and TV (MRTV) of the Ministry of Information observed its 74th anniversary at its head office in Tatkon, Nay Pyi Taw Council Area, at 4 pm yesterday.

First, a video documentary of MRTV’s 74-year journey was screened.

Speaking on the occasion, Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint said MTRV has successfully passed through a long period of 74 years. MTRV was born in 1946 as Bama Radio (Bamar Athan), and in 1958, it became Myanmar Radio (Myanmar Athan). In 1980 it became Myanmar Radio and TV by introducing the TV program. People have been watching the TV for 40 years and listening to the radio for 74 years. So, MRTV has a long history.

The Union Minister said the value of name rises together with the passing of time during which more experiences are acquired. It has aired the events of the successive periods during the 74 years. As it appeared since the post-independence period, MTRV has witnessed many changes amidst the various political trends. The embracing motto “To inform, to educate and to entertain the public”of the Ministry of Information as well as the MRTV, remains loyal to the people despite the changes in political systems. Every government needs a mechanism that serves as its link with the public. There can be changes in name, but the substance remains the same. New methods will take the place of old ones, but the goal is the same. The age of the Internet also calls for public information, education and entertainment programs. So, MRTV must adopt innovative ideas in presenting programs in catching up with the advancing time. Despite the changes in form, the substance must remain unchanged, and that is the important point.

MTRV staff should use the time effectively and should make self-assessment of their own value by judging their creations and accomplishments. They should raise their value through studies and services for the State and the people. They should seek progress by fulfilling the sector-wise needs and concentrating on their work. The 75 anniversary or the diamond jubilee of MRTV falls next year. So the diamond jubilee should be held on a grand-scale like the Myanmar film centenary and the Yangon University centenary. All the activities, materials and memorial events throughout the past successive years should be displayed at the diamond jubilee. From now on, MRTV must air programs hailing the diamond jubilee, he said.

In giving away programming and broadcasting awards for 2019 of the MRTV, Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint presented awards to staff of the National Races Channel for their efforts in travelling to remote Khaunglanphu area in Kachin State and presented the daily life of teachers serving there in the program by the name “the long journey into the dreams”, and U Khun Nay Win of Radio Department.

Deputy Minister U Aung Hla Tun presented radio presentation award to Daw Thae Su Moe of the Radio Division and TV presentation award to Daw Ei Mon Kyaw of the TV Division.

Permanent Secretary U Myo Myint Maung, heads of department then presented awards to the winners.The Permanent Secretary also presented uniform allowances for staff through officials and certificates of honour to MRTV’s partner companies that rendered assistance in the ceremony. The ceremony concluded with a lucky draw program.


(Translated by TMT)


Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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