Certificate course in Enhanced Diplomatic Skills (EDS – 6/2020) inaugurates


THE Inauguration Ceremony of the Certificate Course in Enhanced Diplomatic Skills (6/2020) conducted by the Strategic Studies and Training Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held at Wunzinminyarzar Hall of the Ministry (Yangon) at 10:00 am yesterday with an opening address delivered by U Kyaw Tin, Union Minister for International Cooperation.

Present on the occasion were retired Myanmar Ambassadors, Directors-General and responsible officials of the departments under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of International Co-operation, senior diplomats, instructors as well as trainees.

For human resource development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is conducting courses in diplomatic skills and sharing knowledge to the public and private sectors, throughout the several courses of diplomatic skills trainings. The Certificate Course in Enhanced Diplomatic Skills is conducted and targeted for those who completed the Basic Diplomatic Skills (BDS) Trainings and who wish to study further in diplomacy and international affairs.

50 participants will join the eight-week long course which covers the subjects relating to diplomacy, international relations, international law, contemporary international affairs, domestic affairs and general knowledge.

Photo: MNA
Ref: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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