Officials are preparing for elephant riding tour service between Mandalay to PyinOoLwin


The new service to enjoy the scenery will be provided at the two elephant camps Wanet and Deedote beside the motorway to Yeywa Dam when these camps are allowed for reopening.

Assistant Manager U Tin Kyaw Moe from Myanmar Timber Enterprise said that officials are exploring the mountain routes for elephant riding tour at present, and the service is expected to be available in July.

The two elephant camps are preparing for paint ball shootings and mountain biking, in addition to waterfall elephant ride. These camps are closer to PyinOoLwin Township and not so far each other.

“Although the taste of elephant riding is not different from each other, the scenic views vary from place to place,” said U Tin Kyaw.
There are 22 elephant riding tour services across the country, and the respective camps are preparing for significant services in 2020-2021 FY.

Min Htet Aung (Mann Sub-Printing House)
Photo: Min Htet Aung
(Translated by Aung Khin)
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