Prevention of deadly viruses through application of HR Management 4.0, HR Development


It can be said that the year 2020 is unlucky for China because of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak started from seafood and wild animal meat market of Wuhan one of big China towns.

Preventive methods such as frequent hand washing, using surgical masks, avoiding crowded areas have already been suggested.

But this article is written not from Medical point of view.

It is giving message how Human Resource Management 4.0 and Human Resource Development process application can prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus and can reduce the incident rate.

This article is more concern with future and for long term prevention of dangerous viruses like the COVID-19 coronavirus because no one can know what kinds of new viruses will appear in future.

First I would like to explain from where the world (4.0) comes from the field of industrial change.

From 1780 to 1870 there was development of Mechanical Engineering and that was the age of industry 1.0. Industry 2.0 is the age of Electrical Engineering development and it was from 1870-1969. From 1969-2000 there was Electronic Engineering development and that age was known as Industry 4.0. Regarding with HR Management, HR 4.0 means HR activities can be done by digital technologies, for example, interview process can be done by internet video call and can reduce the infectious rate. One of many latest trends in HR field is developing remote staff. For instance a staff surgeon of a hospital is essential to go to workplace to do surgery. But Accountant is not, as he or she can do his or her accounting job at home and contact workplace by email, viber or intranet etc. There may be so many other kinds of remote staff like an Accountant. So in a workplace staff analysis should be done to find out how many percent of total staff can act as remote staff. In this way staff congestion in workplaces and buses can be reduced and minimize virus spread.

Although so many people are afraid of the COVID-19 coronavirus it is much less dangerous than Ebola. It has been heard that death rate of Ebola is round about 90%. Death rate of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection is round about only 2.%. Even seasonal Flu has death rate 1%. Because of low death rate it can be hoped that coronavirus infection will disappear sooner or later with some numbers of deaths. So we have to think for future to prevent dangerous viruses like Ebola. There are common preventive methods for Ebola, the COVID-19 coronavirus infection and so many other viral and bacterial lung infections. Preventive methods are mostly concerned with development of personal hygiene behavior.

In this regard, behavior development technology plays an important role. As the behavior development is a part of Human Resource Development, virus infections can be prevented by strengthening of Human Resource Development process.

Development process of a human being has been started since he or she was a fetus in his or her mother’s uterus.

Adequate nutrients are essentials for proper development of a fetus, for example iodine is essential for IQ development. Breast milk feeding behavior is essential for development of immunity of a child to fight virus.

For virus prevention, methods are classified into two main categories (1) maximizing the body immunity and (2) minimizing the inoculation dose of virus.

To minimize the inoculation dose of virus it is necessary to do personal hygiene behavior development.

To develop behavior of the community, entry point to community is primary schools.

So, personnel of Maternal and Child Health Sector and personnel of Education sector are kindly advised to develop nutrition programs and healthy behavior development programs.

The next important things we should consider is that air pollution will increase the mortality rate of viral pneumonia. In this regard, attitude development to improve willingness to maintain the quality of natural environment is also important. This activity can also be done at primary schools.

These advices are more important for those countries which are still put in the list of the Third World Category and also known as development countries.


Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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