Union Minister visits MOGE office (Lower Myanmar), stresses safety of onshore, offshore oil exploration records


Union Minister for Electricity and Energy U Win Khaing and the Deputy Minister visited Lower Myanmar office (Seinlae Wae) of Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) in Yankin Township and based camp of offshore oil rig in Thakayta Township in Yangon Region yesterday morning.

At the meeting hall of Lower Myanmar office (Seinlae Wae) of MOGE, the Union Minister heard a report on functions of the office, structure, upgrading programs of Oil and Gas Center, and keeping of papers and survey records of oil plots in tapes and digital system at Data Center. Managing Director of MOGE U Myo Myint Oo also gave a supplementary report.

In response, the Union Minister stressed the importance of keeping the reports and papers systematically and safely and installing fire alarms. Special attention should be paid for the safety of the records and papers as they contain data and facts that are invaluable for the ministry.

The Union Minister and party checked the keeping of date tapes and data books on onshore and offshore oil wells.

Officials conducted them around the Data Center. At the meeting hall of the based camp of offshore oil rig of MOGE in Thakayta Township, the MOGE managing director and the general manager of the camp presented a report on operations of the camp. The Union Minister looked into the requirements and looked around the facility.

The functions of the camp involve the logistic services for the success of onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling, the work of keeping and transporting the imported materials for onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration projects, the erection, maintenance and repair of natural gas control and distribution camps in Yangon Region, research centres, pipeline bases, test wells in lower Myanmar, the transportation and the supply of project materials and machinery, and the provision of dockyard services for the ships of MOGE.


(Translated by Aungthu Ya)


Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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